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Did you know the most successful people in the world, including athletes, CEO’s, and entrepreneurs, have a proven secret to success? The secret is they know the power of having a mentor and coach and consistently work with one.

When you work with a coach you are 10 times more likely to achieve something you’ve never done before. You will also create and sustain even greater results in the areas you are already experiencing success. If achieving dreams on your own was easy you would have done so already.

As your coach, I help you get out of your own way and repattern self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck and kept you from creating even greater results.

Coaching with me provides a structure of support, accountability, someone in your corner cheering you on and I can help you see what only someone outside yourself can see. Most importantly I will be the person who believes in you when it’s hard to believe in yourself because I know you are meant for so much more.

Together we will:

Create a powerful vision for what you would love in all areas of your life including: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, Vocation/Creative Expression, and Time & Money Freedom.

Get crystal clear on what you would LOVE for your life.
Uncover blocks and repattern limiting beliefs.
Move from a circumstantial, contractive mindset to one of expansion, growth and transformation.
Learn how to navigate from where you are now to where you would love to be.
Take inspired action to realize your dream and learn to love the journey along the way.

Are you willing to stand up for your dream? If not now, when?

Transformation is a process and the two most powerful ways to shift your mindset is through repetition and impact. That’s why all my coaching programs include:

A proven, reliable, repeatable system that has helped thousands of people

Weekly live transformational training and coaching

Recordings of all calls on a private site

Weekly audio lessons and workbook with powerful lifework exercises
Meditation recordings to help integrate and calibrate your energy
And so much more

Three levels of support available:

One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching

Provides individualized action plans and laser focus on you and your vision.

Group/Team Coaching

Group/Team Coaching

Tap into the mastermind and collective experience of the group. Support and learn from a community of other like-minded people.

Group/Team Coaching
VIP-Next Level You Program

VIP–Next Level You Program

Highest level program for the most effective and efficient results. A 15-month coaching program which includes:

  • Powerful weekly group masterclasses
  • Two 1:1 coaching calls a month
  • 1/2 Day Immersive VIP Experience
  • Mind-Body TranscenDance™ classes
  • Valuable Bonuses and more


In addition to my coaching programs I host workshops focused on helping you learn the fundamental tools of success. You will learn the initial steps on how to create greater results and bust through limiting beliefs.

Take the first step to transforming your life and attend a workshop.




As a sought-after speaker, Didi Selwa, has presented motivational content to various groups and organizations.

She offers both in-person and virtual speaking engagements, such as: a short 10-minute talk, a lunch and learn training, a motivating keynote speech or an afternoon workshop.

Your group, organization, or company will be ignited by this training and they will “Thank you” for bringing Didi to them.



TRANSCENDANCE™ takes the mindfulness of yoga off the mat and infuses it with free-form joyful conscious dance. TRANSCENDANCE™ can help you to shake off stress, release tension, rejuvenate your body, center your mind and connect with your spirit


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